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It is our pleasure to share with you the outcome of this humble effort that has been exerted in creating the new Nozha Schools website. This initiative was taken in an attempt to shed light on this academic edifice represented by the two branches of our schools (“Hegaz Branch” and "Ismailia Desert Road Branch".

Nozha Language Schools educational system is an integrated and comprehensive academic program that has been developed and refined throughout the years. Since the establishment of these schools in 1984, the school administration has been keen to provide the schools with all the elements that would lead up to success, from design through implementation which is represented in selecting the best educationally qualified and proficient administration that provides our staff with the latest educational methods and tools, in addition to setting standards and evaluation methods to ensure the consistency of performance.   

Here at Nozha Language Schools, we blend quality of education with Islamic values of hard work and responsibility for self and others. Moreover, we are equally concerned with the social development and well-being of the children along with their education.

Our aim is to ensure that your expectations are always met, and this is only fulfilled through our belief that Allah is beholding all our actions.




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