How to apply

1- Announcing the admission date through the official channels; (the website and the official Facebook page).

2- Parents have to fill in the application form whether online or onsite, according to what will be clarified in the announcement.

3- Admission decisions are made after the student passes the evaluation and after an interview with the parents as well.

4- Once the student is accepted, parents have to finalize the registration processes.

Admission Requirements:

1- The student’s age must be appropriate to the applied grade.

2- The student must pass the exams and the interview.

3- The student’s transfer papers must be authenticated.


1- Original end of year certificate for the last academic year.

2- Eight recent passport size photos of the student.

3- Computerized original birth certificate of the student.

4- Copy of the ID of both parents.

In the end, Nozha Language Schools hopes to accept all applicants and welcome you to our community

Age to apply

Applying for the kindergarten stage starts from 4 years and above.