School Uniform

Nozha Language Schools designed a school uniform suitable for all stages of the school, to be practical and more comfortable with a sense of belonging to the school community.

School uniforms are available at Nozha Language Schools store located in:

Ismailia Desert Branch: Available for a month before the beginning of the school year only, while it is available throughout the school year at the Hijaz branch.

School uniform colors

Kindergarten stage:

Pink shirt and dark blue pants.

Elementary stage:

Red shirt and dark blue pants.

Prep stage:

Yellow shirt, dark blue pants for boys, and skirt for girls.

High school:

Turquoise t-shirt, dark blue pants for boys and girls skirt.

Regulations in our branch

  • Adherence to the school uniform.
  • Black shoes for the school day and white shoes for PE classes.
  • It is strictly forbidden to wear jeans, cotton trousers, and skinny/sweat pants.
  • PE uniforms are not allowed at any other time.
  • Accessories for boys and girls are strictly prohibited.
  • Girls who wear Veils, it should only be white or dark blue.
  • Wear a dark blue winter jacket for all grades.