Dear Parents,

Many happy returns of the day.
You are kindly informed that due to the circumstances that our country is going through because of the Pandemic of COVID-19, the Minister of Education issued instructions which stipulate that the guardians have the choice whether to let the students attend the second semester at school or to sign in a paper stating their desire to let them not to attend the second semester at school, with no effects on the absence records. However, the students are committed to attend the first semester exams and the monthly exams of the second semester as well.

Based on the forgoing, and in case you as a guardian went for the choice of not letting your son/daughter attend the second semester at school or in case of having the intention of postponing this academic year to the coming one, you are kindly requested to fill in the attached acknowledgement and to hand it over to the stage deputy on the day of the first semester exams.

This is to ensure the regularity of the educational process efficiently.

For downloading the absence form:

For downloading postponing form: