Dear Parents and Students,

In order to provide all opportunities for our students to develop their skills and keep up with the latest educational technology, and our belief in the growing role of informatics technology in our lives in general and in education in particular, especially in the exceptional circumstances that the world is going through, we are pleased to announce the availability of courses for our students in information security and cyber-security through CISCO global multinational company and major companies specialized in this field. This is under the auspices of the Directorate of Education in Cairo after the establishment of an academy that allows students to register for online free of charge courses to obtain certificates accredited by CISCO and the Directorate of Education after passing a simple electronic exam – reusable – to measure the student’s achievement of the subject provided.

Courses are available for students from grade six to the third grade twelve.

For subscription fill out the attached application form, taking into account the following points:

• Accurate filling out of the required data and making sure that the student’s national number is written correctly.

• Fill in the standard e-mail for each student -actually activated for high school students- but for the rest of the students they can make the standard email through the following link:

• Enter the student code on the e-government (which is the code used last year in the research work and in case of loss it can be obtained through the following link:

• Students can take any or all of the available courses.

To enroll in these courses please use the following link and fill out the form: