Dear Parents,

Based on the second semester plan which was published previously on the website of the school, it is important to highlight some important points concerning the Virtual Classrooms that will take place during the second semester.

 So, kindly be notified with the following:

– Attending these “Virtual Classrooms” are only permitted for the student who is suffering from illness or having a direct contact with any patient, as well as for the student who signed in the acknowledgement of not attending the second semester at the school.
– Kindly, notice that it is a must to follow up with each and every single material or notification on the platform of the school – (COLNN). As for that, you are gently requested to check that the parent’s and the student’s accounts are activated.
– In case of facing any technical problem, please do not hesitate to contact the school administration for help.

The Regulations of attending the session:

  1. It is important before attending the session, to let the student watch all the videos that are published on COLNN, concerning the lessons of the week.
  2.  Being punctual is a must. In case the student was late for 10 minutes after the session starts, he/she will not be allowed to attend that session.
  3. The student should attend the session while wearing the school uniform.
  4. It is important to login to the session from a PC or a Laptop, not from a smart phone.
  5. The student should sit in a quiet and suitable place to be able to do all the required tasks during the session.
  6. The books and the school supplies must be with the student from the beginning of the session.
  7. It is important to open the camera, to make it easy for the teacher to follow up with the student and to monitor him/her.
  8. The microphone should be kept turned off and never to turn it on, unless the teacher asked for that.
  9. Interruptions from the family members are not allowed during the session.
  10. It is important to mention that the same disciplinary rules which are applied during the school day at school, are to be applied during the virtual classrooms and in case the student break the rules, this may subject him/her to be deprived from attending the session.
    For downloading the Online Sessions Timetable and Instructions: