Dear Parents,

At first we would like to greet you and wish you a happy Ramadan. May Allah send His mercy and blessings upon you and upon your families during this holy month.

Secondly, kindly be noted that due to the epidemiological situation that all of us are going through all over the world, and also for the implementation of decision from the Ministry of Education which stated on giving the opportunity to choose between continuing during Ramadan at school or online. This is in addition of putting our children’s health as our first priority as well as the health of our teachers too.

For all of the above reasons, the school decided that it is better to give you the space to choose between the way you would like to go through during Ramadan.

So, you are kindly requested to choose between one of the following choices:

The first choice is to continue online during Ramadan with the same schedule that the students were following at school from the beginning of the semester – with the commitment of offering all of the educational services and the preparations of the monthly evaluations that the Ministry of Education will state.

The second choice is to continue attending at school during Ramadan. In that case, there will be a new schedule for this month and the students will attend alternatively with a maximum of three days at school. They have to be committed to the precautionary measures and to wear the mask during the school day or else they will be disallowed to attend the lectures and the school will contact their guardians to pick them up.

It is important to mention that students from various classes will be sitting together to attend the lectures which will be set at the school, with a maximum number of 20 student per class.

Please, fill in the following survey to be able to set the number of students who would like to join the online sessions.

Many thanks for your cooperation.

To fill the survey please click here