Nozha Language Schools believes that raising a new generation of students, who can keep pace with the requirements and the challenges of our time, need means to support the academic curricula and the various activities. Therefore, we always seek to provide our students the opportunity to acquire knowledge and various skills by providing them with the tools that can help in their self-development to become integral individuals who are ready for the future.

Computer Labs

Nozha Language Schools provides computer labs equipped with the latest technological devices. It also works on providing the best specialists to help the students in developing their computer skills and to be well acquainted with the latest technological updates around the world.

Science laboratories

Hands-on practice and experiment are the best ways to understand and learn sciences quickly and easily. Hence, Nozha Language Schools equipped its science laboratories with various equipment that can facilitate the processes of observing and deducing based on scientific facts.


Believing that reading is not only a need for academic aspects, we supplied the school libraries with sets of books and encyclopedias in all fields to develop the students’ mental and cognitive abilities. Not to mention the strengthening of their language skills; (reading, writing and speaking) through participating in the various activities of the library.

Music Rooms

Nozha Language Schools sought to provide rooms for musical activities with a large number of musical instruments that help the students to discover their musical talent from a young age and to work on enhancing it through various events that are held and sponsored by the schools in several places, most notably the Egyptian Opera.


On a large area, Nozha Language Schools provided classrooms that accommodate the number of students stated by the Directorate of Education. We also worked on preparing the classes with the most important, smartest and latest tools to help students get engaged in the lessons explained.


Nozha Language Schools believes that role-playing gives the students the opportunity to experience real-life scenarios that help them to learn and to gain various skills used in real-life situations such as negotiation, teamwork, cooperation and persuasion. We usually organize theatrical performances in various languages, during the annual events, which help in improving the students’ language skills and enhancing their self-confidence.


In Nozha Language Schools, we believe in the quote that says, “A sound mind is in a sound body”. For that reason, Nozha Language Schools provides several sports fields to practice most of the athletics.

Nozha Language Schools also affords a wide range of sports equipment with well-trained PE teachers to help in discovering and supporting the gifted students by encouraging them to join regional and international championships.

Medical Care

The health of our students is a priority to us. That is why; Nozha Language Schools was keen to equip its medical clinic with the required medical equipment to implement first aid measures with the help of a professional physician who is always present throughout the school day.

It is important to mention that the school is committed to all the preventive health measures given by the Egyptian Ministry of Health including vaccinations, patriotic health campaigns and healthcare provision.

At the beginning of every academic year, we request from the parents to fill in a medical form, to give full details about the students’ health status, and to state whether they suffer from any chronic diseases that requires giving them medication during the school day.

Montessori System

Learning for life is something that Nozha Language Schools gives a lot of attention, and Montessori education is one of the best methods that can help in achieving that goal. We cover many areas of the Montessori education such as “Practical Life, Sensorial, Science, Art, Language and Maths”. In Montessori classes, the focus is given to each child individually by focusing on various activities with different paces for every child. All the materials in the Montessori classrooms provide sensorial experiences that enable the child to develop a keen sense of awareness of the environment and  learn to be independent and  to be capable of making decisions and seeking knowledge by themselves.