Nozha Language Schools Story

In 1984, the owners of the schools, Mr. Hassan Kamel Al Maghraby and Mr. Yassin Kassim Ismail, took steps towards establishing an academic institution that aims at raising a generation with a valued academic level that is based on the ethics and the values of our culture and our community to help in the prosperity of our beloved country, Egypt.

In 1992, due to the increase in the number of admissions to the schools, by the grace of Allah, the founders of the schools decided to open another branch of Nozha Language Schools, located in the 22nd Km on the Cairo-Ismailia Desert Road to continue its successful path in offering a unique educational experience.

Since the very beginning, the founders of the schools and the administration worked on providing all the tools and the facilities to reach their goals and aims in the educational process and in raising a better generation. Hence, they are always keen on hiring professional academic educators and are also keen on supplying the schools with the latest technological tools and integrating them into the educational process to lead the way to excellence in Egyptian private schools. For more than 35 years, Nozha Language Schools has been the beacon of light that provides our country with leaders and innovators.