Owners Letter

Welcome to Nozha Language Schools

Over more than 35 years, and since the very first moment in which we decided to be part of the educational setting in Egypt and abroad, our main concern lied in the belief that sciences, education and values are the first steps towards the renaissance of any country.

For that, when we started to establish Nozha Language Schools, there were a set of fixed values that we believed to be the main engine to attain our goals for which we strive.

We have a belief that the integration between ethics and education is essential. For education to stand alone without ethics can result in the outcome of a messed-up individual. While when we blend between ethics and education, this will help in achieving our supreme goal of offering to the community an individual who is a productive member in the society.

We are keen to afford to our students the latest technological methods along with different learning strategies to help them to gain all the required sciences and skills in a better and quicker way to give them the space to focus more on creativity and innovation.

We respect individual differences in a very high perspective and we believe that each student is a unique blend of talents, personality and ingredients nowhere else to be found. As each and every student is unique as his/her own fingerprints. So, we never try to compare one student to another, as each one is unique and special in his/her own way. That is why in Nozha Language Schools we always do our best to offer all the facilities to help the students to discover their talent in whatever field it lies in; (academic talent, artistic talent, sporting talent).

Believing that today’s and tomorrow’s challenges differe from yesterday’s, our duty is to give a helping hand to our students to face these challenges and to guide them through the right path to gain the experience and the required skills that would assist and support them to be more capable of facing life experiences and acquire competencies at different ages.

Shaping the students’ personality is a shared responsibility between the school, the family and the society. All of us have to work together in paving the way for their development and for helping them in knowing their rights and their duties as well.