The vision of Nozha Language Schools is to establish a modern academic institution to be the central hub of raising generations of leaders and social figures who can inspire the community with their ethics and values and who are capable of competing in different fields, nationwide and worldwide. Nozha Language Schools always seeks to help its students expand their horizons internationally while conserving the society values that meet our Egyptian and Arabian identity



Since the establishment of Nozha Language Schools in 1987, our mission has not only been about offering just an academic program to our students, but it has also been about building their characters and raising them in a healthy and balanced community to be eligible academically, cognitively, spiritually and physically. By doing so, Nozha Language Schools offers to the community a citizen who is capable of respecting individual differences on a cultural, social and religious level.

On our path to achieve our mission, we depend on qualified teachers and we utilize the latest technological tools to integrate them into the educational system. However, we are aware that this cannot stand alone to help in raising a citizen who is successful and efficient to his community. Therefore, the thing that we believe in the most is that every student has his own talent and has an individual skill that needs to be discovered and developed. For each one is characterized by an original critical mind and needs to be encouraged to reach his biggest dream that requires support to be achieved.

In correlation with our mission, we instill in our children/students the sense of belief in their social responsibilities towards their families and their community to inculcate the spirit of belonging to their homeland